Best Knee pads for BasketBall : What to choose

Best knee pads for basketball

Have you ever wondered what is the best knee pads for Basketball? Our Top recommendation would be McDavid Hex Knee Pads.

So why do we use knee pads? Nowadays, it is widespread among Youths and NBA players to cover their legs with knee sleeves to prevent injury. When a player dribbles from one side to another, he is prone to take a fall. It is common for players to use a kneepads during the game. 

This article will discuss the 10 Best Knee pads that NBA Basketball players use and the five best beginner Knee sleeves for youth and why they differ. I have mentioned a list of top-rated and Highly reviewed knee pads for Basketball.

Here is the list of the 10 Best knee pads and Good knee braces for Basketball:

  • McDavid Hex Knee Pads 
  • HiRui Brace Knee Support
  • PISIQI Long Compression Knee Pads
  • Jmoka Non-Slip Knee Brace
  • Body Prox Protective Knee Pads
  • Legend Fit Basketball Knee Pads
  • Under Armor Mens Basketball Padded Knee Protection
  • Shine Stone Knee Protector for Adults
  • KUBAO Compression Knee Brace
  • SeekTop Non-Slip Kneepads

Here is a List of Top 5 Best basketball knee pads for youth we recommend:

  • Shield Knee Pads for Sports
  • JUMISEE Anti-Slip Kids Knee Pads
  • Cantop Knee Pads for Youths
  • Modvel Basketball Knee Braces
  • Bucwild Sports Knee Sleeves

Why Should We Wear Knee pads or Braces for Basketball?

Nowadays, it is prevalent for basketball players to wear kneepads or braces during a game, which Prevents the risk of knee bruises and Injury. Many players commonly suffer from pain like Sprains, strains and tears in the Ligament. Sometimes, these bruises can cost their careers as pro Basketball players. Knee pads also help players prevent further tissue and tendons damage during rehabilitation and give stability during the recovery Phase.

                   Knee pads improve the performance of players during the game. Players suffering from ACL tear and weak joints or pre-existing Knee issues use the braces for support to prevent knee hyperextension. During and after games, wearing knee compression sleeves can reduce swelling and various Discomfort.  

                  We recommend knee pads for basketball games rather than braces because they reduce the damage much more efficiently than braces. If you have a previous history of knee injury, we suggest you go for braces, as it keeps the joint stable.

Difference Between Kneepads, Knee Sleeves and knee Braces: which is Better for basketball


   Kneepads are generally used in sports like Basketball, volleyball and skateboarding. It reduces impact during the fall and collides on rigid surfaces. Choosing Best Knee pads for basketball that have a durable nutshell comprising gel padding with a stiffened surface on top and It does not support knee joints completely but focuses on reducing the impact.

Knee sleeves

  Knee Sleeves are Commonly used in resistance training and weightlifting due to the repetitive moments. Choosing best knee sleeves for basketball is vital as It offers wide compression on all sides that support the kneejoints displacement moment. They are designed in such a way that they pull over the knee during basketball game .

Knee Braces

                            Knee braces are commonly used for post-injury support and are widely used by players from Basketball and volleyball. Older people widely use these types of braces due to arthritis and patella injuries. They are designed to provide high support and stability compared to knee pads or knee sleeves and give complete support to knee joints. Regarding knee braces, it is imbued with plastic components or metal, comes with an adjustable strap, and serves as custom support for joint support.

                                            In summary, Best knee braces for basketball players are primarily designed for Bump protection; Knee sleeves offer support for repetitive knee moments, and knee supports provide complete protection for various knee injuries for competitive players. As a for basketball player, choosing the right tools for knee protection is essential.

 Does Wearing good Kneepads or knee Braces Really Help During a Game?

  Selecting top Knee braces Have become increasingly popular for basketball players and youth. Most basketball players worry that kneepads reduce their performance during the game. Still, a study showed that high-intensity moments between the players and opponents did not affect the critical interpretation of players wearing knee pads during a basketball game. 

                           Many players need to realize the importance of knee pads during the game, and many youths have lost their dreams due to knee bruises. 

How to Choose Best Knee support for Basketball?

Finding the Right Size

Knee size differs based on players’ height and age; it is generally advised to look into measurement for different brands in the chart. Here, we have included different sizing based on knee circumference and age group. Kindly go through it below.

Shock absorption, Flexibility, and Padding

   Best Kneepads are made up of materials like Ethyl vinyl acetate, foam rubber, or thin cushioned material they dont restrict bloodflow ; we don’t recommend thicker padding because it is generally used by players who frequently fall on hard surfaces to reduce impact, provides stability in games like basketball or American football. These types of padding are more suited to mitigate the effects of collision. The flexibility of knee pads or shock pads is more essential for basketball players than you think.

Thickness and Comfort

 The material should be light fabric, and padding should not be sturdy. It prevents movement of the knee and makes it painful during the games. Generally, best knee pads should be flexible. There are four essential things we must notice when it comes to knee pads: kneepads for basketball are usually slip-on, should be comfortable to wear, and should not come loose during the game. The second thing is the fabric. It should not cause any irritation during the game and should be very comfortable to wear. 

Extra Protection and Durability with Basketball Tights

Basketball tights are now used as alternatives to knee pads. They usually come with suitable knee padding and have become famous for youth basketball players. Tights are usually made up of materials like lycra, polyester, and spandex, which absorb moisture much faster and keep it dry. It comes in multiple sizes, based on knee requirement from XS to XXL. Most players are worried that the tights will tear during the game, many doctor suggest knee tights are better alternative to pads as it does not disturb the blood flow but they are excellent elasticity, lightweight, and very breathable, and it makes you very comfortable and durable during the game.

Advantages of BasketBall tights

  • Basketball or compression tights give complete muscle support and prevent muscle contraction during a practice game.
  • A lot of orthopedics suggest that one of the primary reasons for cramps is low water intake and less oxygen to muscle to prevent this compression from tights increases the blood flow and oxygen circulation
  • Basketball tights give extra protection around the knee and keep the joints stable during the game.
  • Compression tights absorb moisture, prevent overheating body temperature heating, and keep the body relaxed during the game.

How to prevent or refrain from knee accidents while Playing basketball?

Using Protective gear

  Our number one suggestion and many doctors advice is to use a knee pad or braces, especially if you have a previous history of a knee bruises or ligaments tear . It saves you from multiple injuries and prevents accidents in the future. Nowadays, it has become mandatory in youth basketball games.

Warm-up or Stretching

Many coaches suggest that we begin every training or game with a warm-up. It is vital to incorporate stretches into your routine. It usually prevents a wide range of injuries associated with knees. 

Proper Footwear

 Wearing shoes gives ankle support and provides proper protection for knee support. It should be flexible to give arch support and support both indoor and outdoor basketball game surfaces.

10 Best knee pads for Pro basketball

                   We have gone through various facts about knee pads and compression sleeves. Let’s detail which best knee guards we recommend for basketball. They are:

1. McDavid Hex David Knee pads

  McDavid Hex is our Top recommendation for protecting knees during the game. It is suggested and used by top athletes all over the globe. They are used in such a way that they reduce fatigue and cramping, which allows you to move faster and more robustly. It comprises close honeycomb padding, which effectively suppresses the impact. Its price is bit higher than other knee pads .

Amazon Rating: 4.4/5

Amazon Reviews: 18500+


  • Effective in reducing knee pain
  • Hexagonal padding is unique and provides complete support


  • Effective in reducing knee pain
  • Hexagonal padding is unique and provides complete support


  • Sometimes, the size could be more suitable.
  • It is more suitable for athelete 

2. HIRUI Brace Knee Support

  HIRUI knee support is necessary for any leg and knee-sensitive activity such as basketball or volleyball. The interior is made up of Thick EVA Foam and a piece of breathable fabric in the outer layer, and it is a non-slip knee slip suited for any age group. These are very easy to wear, highly durable, and long-lasting.

Amazon Rating: 4.2/5

Amazon Review: 1608+


  • Designed to minimise the risk of injury while doing complex training routines
  • It gives maximum protection against scratches and knee impacts.


  • It is not suitable for some sports and activities like wrestling or gardening.

3. PISQUI Long Compression Knee pads

Pisqui Knee Pads are considered ideal protectors for any game. They are super light and provide complete freedom of movement during the game. Knee pads are ergonomically designed to cover thighs, knees and calves. Knee pads do have a silicone anti-slip strip that increases the friction in the arm guard and shin during a game. In turn, it prevents the Knee pads from slipping down.

Amazon Rating: 4.5 / 5

Amazon Review:  1500+


  • It Provides great support and compression for the knee and legs. its price is comparatively cheaper
  • It is equipped with PEF Cellular gaskets, So the gap can absorb any severe impact and reduces.


  • Machine washing can damage the padding, and it is generally advised to wash with hands.        

4. JMOKA Non -Slip Knee Brace

  Most of the knee pads are usually designed for Male athletes. Jmoka considered that and has created a unisex knee brace that is suitable for women, men, boys, girls and Juniors. They are made up of extra durable fabric, which gives additional support to the joints. They have an inbuilt thickened anti-Collison sponge pad, which provides continuous protection in and around the Knees.

Amazon Rating: 4.3/5

Amazon Reviews: 3000+


  • It consists of a nice thick pad and does not slip.
  • It lasts a very long time, even if it is used frequently.


  • Gell-filled compression sleeve work best for players who will be wearing them for long hours during basketball game.

5. Body Prox Protective Knee Pads

 Most widely used Knee pads in the sports Community, it has 7/8 thick, dense foam padding and is designed to absorb from knees. The sleeves are made up of rubber, and it’s durable. You get to feel what you wear all the time; it has been crafted with a knitted blend on all sides that releases the trapped heat and gives light compression, which reduces the tension in muscles. It is one of the brands that offer padded pants for extra protection.

Amazon Rating: 4.3/5

Amazon Reviews: 40000+


  • Easy Pull Design with an anti slip Cover prevents the pads from slipping
  • It insulates your knee due to it’s heavy-duty knee padding. It can be used for a range of activities other than sports.


  • Not recommended for long duration.

6. Legend Fit Basketball Knee Pads

                                                       Legend-fit Knee pads are made up of 85% Polyester and 15% Spandex; the pants consist of soft fabric and are very comfortable to wear. They can be stretched four ways to ensure high compression and are considered best knee sleeve for basketball players . Legend Fit is the only brand that provides knee pants with strengthened padding rather than flexible kneepads, and Pro athletes frequently use it.

Amazon Rating: 4.2/5

Amazon Reviews: 293+


  • A wide elastic weight band reduces friction during the game and offers complete comfort.
  • They are designed to keep calm and dry.


  • Sometimes, the size does not fit the mentioned chart size and price is slightly higher.

7. Under Armour Mens Basketball Padded Knee Protection

 Under Armour is considered one of the leading sports apparel and accessories brands with multiple outlets in the USA and Europe , one of the few brand products that can be washed in a machine. Under Armour offers unmatched comfort; they are so light and comfortable, they are stuffed with EVA foam, and Dual density provides improved protection for the game. 

Amazon Rating: 4.7/5

Amazon Reviews: 100+


  • The Armour knee pad features super durable double-knit padding on the top. They are entirely designed for basketball and contact sports.
  • They are easy to use and highly durable in the game.


  • The price is much higher and rarely bought compared to other brands.

8. Shine Stone Protector for Adults

Shine stone knee protector comes with an overall package. They have designed padded suits and padded knee protectors. They have inbuilt attachable mesh cooling pads on the back, which enhances the padding even further. It gives high protection because polyurethane foam pads and thickened pads on the sides protect from offensive side bashing. Shine stone protector pads are popularly used by goalkeepers, Basketball players, and contact sports athletes.

Amazon Rating: 4.2/5

Amazon Reviews: 628+


  • They offer fully protected suits and knee pads as suited for athletes
  • They are made up of high-quality tensile material, which reduces friction and abrasion during the play.


  • Due to the density of the material, it should not be machine-washed. Instead, it’s suggested to be hand washed.

9. KUBAO Compression Knee Pads

 Fitness enthusiasts and Powerlifters widely use KUBAO Compression Knee pads. Inside the knee pads, springs are attached to give additional support for the knees, and a stuffed heavy foam gasket reduces the compression during the fall. Knee pads are manufactured with materials like nylon, latex, and unique, breathable mesh. Knee sleeves should give the most support function during the game to improve performance in the game. 

Amazon Ratings: 4.6/5

Amazon Reviews: 780+


  • It prevents knee joints from going cold, and it reduces the tension considerably.
  • They reduce the swelling and protect the knee during the game.


  • There is nothing to add to widely received positive reviews for the product.

10. Seektop Non-slip Knee Pads

 Seektop Nonslip knee pads are created from extensive research to prevent injuries like anterior cruciate ligament(ACL); they were designed to be broader and more comfortable, protect entire tendons connecting the knees, and give overall support. Desktop is committed to making Non-slip knee pads that support during the entire duration of the game.

Amazon Rating: 4.1/5

Amazon Reviews: 500+


  • Highly Durable materials are used for the padding.
  • It gives a comfortable feeling during the game.


  •  Anti-slip padding is not compatible with different sizes.      

List of Top 5 Best Basketball knee pads for Youth :

1.  Shield Knee Pads for Sports

Shield Knee pads are designed for youths competing in basketball and volleyball. Shield knee pads are made up of lycra and are sweat-resistant; removal hinges provide additional support for lateral stability during the game. Knee pads are frequently used during rehab and reduce the muscle tension for the athlete and provide complete support.

Amazon Rating: 4.9/5

Amazon Reviews: 160+


  • It is sweat-resistant, and it provides complete cover protection during the game.
  • They are frequently used in the junior division of basketball games.


  • Nothing to add.

2. JUMISEE Anti-slip kids’ knee pads

 Jumisee knee pads are made of high-quality cotton and sponge; they observe moisture well around the knee and are designed to improve blood circulation and keep slip pads tight and comfortable. Knee pads provide shock absorption and effectively reduce the impact force; they are designed to avoid scratches and unnecessary injuries during the game.

Amazon Rating:   4.5/5

Amazon Reviews: 1848 +


  • Knee pads help the knee and prevent further injury.
  • Provides complete comfort to hasten up the healing process.


  • The packing quality of the product could be better.

3.  Cantop Knee pads for youths

Cantop anti-collision kneepads are specifically designed for boys and athletes. Padded knee pads offer genuine thigh, calfs, and best knee compression basketball , and they help improve blood circulation of overworked muscles and improve recovery time. They reduce chaffing and abrasion during the game; they are designed to resist the impact force effectively. It is perfect for sports that use the knee a lot, like basketball, volleyball, soccer, etc.

Amazon Rating: 4.3/5

Amazon Reviews: 2295+


  • Pads offer additional cushion during the fall
  • Value for money


  • Nothing to add.

4. Modvel basketball Knee braces

 Modvels are new players when it comes to knee pads but they are considered best knee brace for basketball and are rated high among the players ; they are made up of Nylon or latex and were designed to be lightweight and durable, one of the few knee pad materials that can be machine-washed without shrinking on the sides and provides best knee compression. They are available in sizes XS and 3XL and are widely used among teenage basketball players.

Amazon Rating: 4.4/5

Amazon Reviews: 53427+


  • It all comes down to wear and tear, but Modvels are highly durable.
  • They are available in Multicolors.


  • Nothing to add

5. Bucwild Sports knee sleeves

 Bucwild sports knee sleeves feature 10mm EVA foam padding. Most knee pads available in the market are somewhere close to 8mm. Bucwild Knee Pads is one of the few companies that offers even more thick padding in the middle. It neglects the impact entirely and offers complete protection on the knees. Competitive players highly test one of the few companies that offer precise sizing knee pads. 

Amazon Rating: 4.4/5

Amazon Reviews: 1100+


  • They are designed to stabilize muscles and joints without compromising stability.
  • They are made up of non-slip bands that prevent slipping of padding.


  • Knee pads get worn out after multiple uses.

Final Thoughts

McDavid Hex Knee pads is my suggestion for the best knee pads, knee sleeve and knee braces for basketball in 2023, and shield Knee pads for sports are our top recommendation for best basketball knee pads for youth and need thorough Protection during the game. Both knee pads offer compatible padding. They use high-quality EVA foam to absorb the impact and reduce tension in case an accident occurs. They offer freedom at moments during the game and are very popular among athlete and youths.

FAQ: Best Knee pads for Basketball

What Kneepads do NBA Players wear?

NBA Players usually focus on lightweight and breathable fabric, which offers sufficient cushion and comfort during the game. Brands and models vary based on individual preferences; some of the famous brands of knee pads are McDavid, Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour.

What are the Best basketball knee Pads?

                       There are no significant specially designed knee pads for Basketball. McDavid knee pads are the most widely popular choice among young athletes.

Are KneeSleeves good for Basketball?

                       As mentioned above, knee sleeves are specifically designed to give support for knee injuries. Knee pads are more suggested for the game, and knee sleeves are used for coping with injuries.

How do you wear Kneepads for basketball?

                      Knee pads should be worn above the knee cap; the padding should appropriately cover the knee cap and surrounding area. Bend the knee and walk around to check if the knee pads are well-suited.

How Tight Basket Ball knee Pads be?

                        Knee pads should not be too tight; they should be breathable; otherwise, there would be a lack of movement, and it would become very uncomfortable to move during the game.

Best Kneepads for Basketball Youth?

Shield kneepads are our No.1 suggestion for youth basketball; they offer high-quality fabric and well-suited padding, which is prevalent among youths who are into Basketball.

Best Kneepads for Mens’ Basketball?

NBA players and top athletes in other sports highly prefer McDavid knee pads; based on comfort and durability, McDavid is highly recommended by Basketball players.

Best Kneepads for Women’s Basketball ?

Most kneepads are designed for unisex. The sizing and quality differ from brand to brand, so choose a brand that is more convenient based on individual preferences.

Best Knee support for basketball?

Knee support is more suited for players post-injury; there are multiple choices of knee support from a different brand. However, we highly suggest going for a brand based on the severity of the injuries instead of selecting randomly.

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